Mac, Roni & Freeze Packaging

Designed a series of macaroni & cheese packages to target a younger audience. Created characters and a background story as well as a custom box template.

Mac and Roni are on a mission to save this box of deliciously cheesy macaroni and cheese dinner from the hands of the evil Professor Freeze who wants everyone to try his newest invention— Blue Cheese Fusilli! Chances are you'll grab for the classic flavor of Mac's Macaroni or even crave the popular taste of Roni's Rigatoni, but maybe you're feeling adventurous today. You may want to try something a bit different and take a bite of this new innovation. You have the ultimate power of choice, so their fate will ultimately be for you to decide.”

Technique: InDesign, Illustrator
Role: Illustrator, Designer
Year/Medium: 2016 Packaging