Roari’s Room

Designed a character along with a backstory in order to accurately depict a suitable environment the character would in which reside. After planning out the environment, these sketches were imported into Maya to be used as reference. Each object was modeled and textured using uv mapping and eventually followed by scene lighting.

Background Story
“A young, mischievous kitten is separated from his family and found by a lonely, older woman who takes him in. Taken off the streets, he is now forced to live a pampered lifestyle of jewelry, bows, and his worst fear; becoming a house cat. He spends his days planning his escape back to his brothers and sisters but always returns back to this grandmother’s house. He hopes to someday be reunited with them. Each day it seems less likely; if only they knew what happened to him.”

Technique: Autodesk Maya
Role: Illustrator, 3D Modeler
Year/Medium: 2017 CGI