Thesis Daily 20

Piano-version Animatic: Comments Timing is better in this version than the last. If I decide to make the portrait in the beginning and the portrait that she signs later the same one, make sure you do a front facing one because you wouldn’t see the necklace as well then. Have her reach up to stop the metronome before grabbing the portrait and that stops the sound. Use sounds rather than music. Something to evoke feeling,

Thesis Daily 19

Piano-version Animatic: Setting Comments Painting vs. reflection in the piano room? Boxed in by the clutter, wallpaper with lines/jail-like bars. Can’t move well in house. Have art nouveau patterns and decorations in the room. If green house, the panelling and mirrors can be maddening themselves. Stained glass as well. Problem with this location is that there is no where to have the necklace/jewelry box or any other tie-ins to her 3d present life. Piano works
Change of story/setting A mundane life. She needs to be jaded, but not in love. Animate like a picture book? Wolfwalkers introduces the character background well. Make the composition give a feeling of entrapment. Bird cage, lines in the walls like jail cell bars She’s given up. Mundane activities->repetitive tasks. Colors? contrast, unkept house and self. Have 1 fancy thing? The jewelry box maybe in 3d space, but maybe not. She could be removing her

MFA Candidacy Review

My presentation: Candidacy Review Presentation Feedback from the panel The character development of the 3D girl. Need to revisit this. She’s too cute, too young, too happy to be a unsatisfied person. She looks between 18-23, newlywed, well put together going for a stroll in her garden. Why would she feel at odds with herself? Look at the mother in the queen’s gambit. She most days can’t even dress herself she’s so distraught. She’s alone,

Thesis Daily 16

Current Animatic: Presentation Comments In the thesis statement, there’s a lot of talk about the mirror stage. Move this to another page and separate it. Bullet point the points. Update the storyboard. Fix the “professional references” to “books/journals” Move the 2d/3d side by side to to logline instead. Animatic Comments Fix the audio from the end of the 2nd flash. Demo Comments Girl’s voice seems late, the did you hear that. Turn the voices down

Thesis Daily 15

Current Animatic: Presentation Comments I presented for 17 minutes during the practice. Change the title screen to an art nouveau panel, Mucha, explains the story better. Good description, but seems like I’m reading too much. Have key words instead. Don’t forget to check the box for sound! Move the overall character description to the 3d part because she’s a housewife but it doesn’t seem like it. She liked the 3d render part, maybe do a
As is, he was confused. 2nd flash and back, confusing, make both flashes of light. Make the alter ego/self-conscious more prevalent/obvious.. The random mirror in the garden is the weakest part of the film. A pond? Doesn’t work because of up/down….do a greenhouse with the subsections (the lines). This fits the composition best. Use your graphic design knowledge. The square windows->looking. 24 stills, have an illustrator do this they’re just stills. Builds tension. Frame of
Comments The current storyboard isn’t afraid of close up and long shots. Often students storyboard things are medium shots bc its safe. Students do this a lot since it achieves what they want to show at the same time, but the issue with this its boring. Dynamic great right now its back and forth, camera is moving. Wandavision–acknowledges that it’s fake. The different screen sizes–this may be jarring, soften the transition, draw in and out

Thesis Daily 14

Current Animatic: To Do for Monday Edit the presentation from last Monday’s comments. Will present again, be ready. (Demo reel changes as well). Make the animatic changes. Keep building on it. 3D style frame! Very important. Environment if time… but lol to that. Animatic Comments Cut down the first flashback (less elaborate)! Don’t fully go into the 2d world. Have her 2d face only in the mirror, have the figure walk up behind her, then

Thesis Daily 13

Things for Wednesday! Time out the storyboard stills! At least. Finish the animatic. Show that the transitions work. You need 3D style frames. Animatic Comments Adjust the timing. Add design in the mirror? The transitions still don’t work. You can take liberty with this, but you need to actually show how this works! Maybe make her smaller in the compact mirror to transition? Add another still? Move the circle off screen. Stuff needs to move

Thesis Daily 12

Things for next Monday! Presentation: plan on giving a practice presentation, so have all info filled in. Continue Animatic Character Designs Begin some rough environments for critique Animatic Comments Have the action continue for the first flashback as she’s picking up the ball. Add an action of her actually reaching over to pick the ball up. It’s currently too fast. Slow it down. The transition into art nouveau is off, too sudden. So flip her

Thesis Daily 11

Visuals Comments Remove those flashbacks. Go back to what I had originally for the progression windows. Animate left, right, and then middle, zoom in then to show necklace on her neck. Begin your animatic. Add music and sound, ambient noise. Work on 3D representational test. Take my rig, grab a free garden rig, and try to get a visualization. Render test. Character: Work on some silhouettes, expressions, poses, for turnaround how do the curls translate?

Thesis Daily 10

Need to create my schedule, asset list, etc. Directed Projects anim 762, might not be available Independent study, ask committee member Don’t make the schedule too wordy Lighting, compositing, don’t be too broad; Process book itself needs included in the schedule Research, case studies; Why are you making this? What do you want to do in animation? How does this project help achieve your goals? Replaces artist statement but still have this. THIS IS my

Thesis Daily 9

Visuals for 45-hour review Character Sheet, turnaround Mood Board Storyboard Animatic Style Frames: 2D/3D Comments The mirror in the garden is strange. Make this fit more. Are there other reflections that can be used? Why does she walk over there anyway? Maybe a sun flare. The thing with the mirror, it can be fixed in concept not necessarily for thumbnail storyboards. Change the rock idea. Make it an animal! Cat, bunny? Could this be something
In the garden. Have her be sitting (last panel I drew) and look off in the distance. A strange mirror sitting in the garden (like pic I found, a rounded top mirror fancy looks misplaced). Walk up to it from right to left. Girl on right mirror on left. She sees 2D girl. 2D girl fills screen, sees the jewelry box on vanity. Carry on with the mirror sequence then PLUS I have the room.
Why am I doing this? Living in the past, feeling happy but want an escape? What is the character escaping from? Her mundane life. Personally stress and anxiety. Psychology= perception of everything from points of view, from another place. Something odd: why is she in the kitchen? Maybe walking in a garden, driving a car? Something of her own choosing. Garden: reflective, flowers, sun lens flare->paparazzi cameras flashing. Escapism. Need a strong woman. She’s looking

Film References

Secret of Kells Song of the Sea La Mémorie Du Médaillon D’or Enchanted Cinderella View this post on Instagram A post shared by Warren Fu (@warrenjfu) ELFEN LIED – Lilium – Opening 1 [HD] Gosick Opening 1【GOSICK ゴシック OP】 『Destin Histoire』 Valse à quatre mains

Thesis Daily 8

Early Style Frames Critique Notes After the apple crashing, the opening of the box is a bit strange. Tease her opening it a bit more. Have her take the necklace out herself and begin to place it on her own neck. Then have the man’s hands take it for her. Glass bottle scene, warp it a bit to make it clearer. Move the girl to the side of the screen more and show the figure