Meeting with Prof. Kovacs

Why am I doing this?

Living in the past, feeling happy but want an escape? What is the character escaping from? Her mundane life. Personally stress and anxiety. Psychology= perception of everything from points of view, from another place.

Something odd: why is she in the kitchen? Maybe walking in a garden, driving a car? Something of her own choosing. Garden: reflective, flowers, sun lens flare->paparazzi cameras flashing. Escapism.

Need a strong woman. She's looking back on the good old days. Car could turn into a limo. Stronger woman with her own decisions. Look at bridgerton, good example of this.

The car idea could be more dark noir even, shadows for the man driving by, in rearview mirror, etc.

Garden idea, Wisteria Lane shot, walking out of the nice house into her own garden, cards driving down the street. Takes off her gardening gloves->ball gloves

Side note: the jewelry box doesn't actually have to be there at all in real life. Have something in its place.

Garden is more surreal toward the third flashback. Combining 2d/3d look at the Robin Williams film, "What Dreams May Come." With Art Nouveau references, the flowers could be hard edged even, blocks of flowers. This is her own house. Sun->Paparazzi. In the house, husband shadow back and forth, then the glare to paparazzi. Set with flowers as well, the fan flowers.


  1. Bridgerton
  2. Desperate Housewives
  3. Carmen Sandiago
  4. What Dreams May Come