Thesis Daily 8

Early Style Frames Early style frames for the 2d part of the film. Storyboard thumbnails version 2 Critique Notes
  1. After the apple crashing, the opening of the box is a bit strange. Tease her opening it a bit more. Have her take the necklace out herself and begin to place it on her own neck. Then have the man's hands take it for her.
  2. Glass bottle scene, warp it a bit to make it clearer.
  3. Move the girl to the side of the screen more and show the figure walking behind her, but place this scene later than where it is. Even possibly don't reveal him at all, only in the mirror itself.
  4. Stop cutting back and forth so much, pull the camera out for mid shots. Panel stuff? Necklace touch can be in the same shot as the one before it.
  5. Play up the art nouveau style in the flashbacks. Maybe the first 2 are very abstract.
  6. Panels: windows of memories, make the panels mirror/window-like, stained glass idea, stained glass maybe before the full 3d is shown? Art nouveau can represent the psyche itself. Show more psychological reactions, reacting to the shadow man, show the fight in the panels
    Mirror part, push the climax. Flashbacks, what do these memories mean? Maybe this 2d "real space" represents an in-between world where she decides which to choose, where to walk. A flood of memories can flash on the screen suddenly.
    Pulling = more art nouveau, remove the romantic part only show the lure itself, visually by change of style