Meeting with Professor Jonathan Standing


The current storyboard isn't afraid of close up and long shots. Often students storyboard things are medium shots bc its safe. Students do this a lot since it achieves what they want to show at the same time, but the issue with this its boring. Dynamic great right now its back and forth, camera is moving.

Wandavision–acknowledges that it's fake. The different screen sizes–this may be jarring, soften the transition, draw in and out fade in from being transparent or opaque, curtains would be annoying. Maybe only once?

  • Garden picks up ball, match cut in storyboard
  • Reverse to looking in mirror
  • In garden
  • Match cut good
  • Looks up sees something
  • Match cut
  • Sun flare, Clever
  • Photograph
  • Match cut again
  • Petting cat
  • Cat runs away
  • Follows
  • Finds a mirror
  • Sees-Love this panel
  • With 2d again
  • Sees 3d from other side
  • Cut back to split screen

Visual design hangover, need to make work->Self reflective piece of work. Trope of art school mirror, broken glass, oh I've lost my identity, pursue this unreachable. Standard art school stuff. Think about which one is real= Our perception of selves or physical. Make argument forway we perceive has nothing to do with reality anyway. Regardless of this This in mirror is what we project, legitimize who we are.

Most interesting of project, into the mirror and out of it.

Establish 3d is real but then subvert this by going into the mirror that 2d has her own inner life. He thinks make this film similar, more simple. Leave it up to audience don't tell the meaning make the audience figure it out, their own perception.

Moments of reflection baked into how it unfolds; impression of delivery, speed of film rhythm; But if this is the case, its too rhythmic.

Moments of tranquility, started in 3d, is this reality, need slower moments, bake rest into this busy; Start of project too much material, say no to a certain amount of it.

2d texture onto stuff Composite? After Effects, Nuke?

Calm, ramp up again slowly from intensity, exceed during climax, maybe slight deceleration for conclusion, maybe it just ends, slow down to a crawl. Tie a bow on it at the end, spinning thing from inception.

Ambiguity movie like Children of Men it just ends running off to do something.

Corruption of self visualization or identity you don't have to show it to us literally, two mirrors.