Thesis Daily 14

Current Animatic:

To Do for Monday

  1. Edit the presentation from last Monday's comments. Will present again, be ready. (Demo reel changes as well).
  2. Make the animatic changes. Keep building on it.
  3. 3D style frame! Very important.
  4. Environment if time... but lol to that.

Animatic Comments

  1. Cut down the first flashback (less elaborate)! Don't fully go into the 2d world. Have her 2d face only in the mirror, have the figure walk up behind her, then 2d can turn around. This cuts back on that entire turn as well, and then she'll already be over the shoulder again for after that first original sequence (when she goes to stand up and look at the house). This also teases it more, and doesn't give everything away in the beginning. Design can go in the mirror still.
  2. More time in the garden. Have her react to what just happened after the first flashback. Before standing up, "what just happened? That was weird."
  3. Contrast in the sound. During 2d, instrumental is good. Make the garden scenes more ambient-like. Birds, relaxing, soft. Expand it then when she flashes back. Leave the way the music goes for the sun lens flare.
  4. That 3-panel frame is distracting, the non-moving ones. Fade more, color, black? Have it dull.
  5. Condense the timing of the glass crack part. Sudden cracking. Have her react to this sooner as well since it's strange. Add a glass cracking sound.
  6. Timing before touching the cat, can be quicker. A bit too long. Same with the very end it doesn't have to be that long.
  7. Go from the 3-panels, putting on necklace to the girl in front of the round mirror. Can take from the first flashback's moving circles that was cut. Then transition to the side to fit the side-by-side panels.

Don't take all comments to heart. It's abstract and not everyone will understand it. It doesn't make it wrong. The class understands it and research.