Thesis Daily 15

Current Animatic:

Presentation Comments

  1. I presented for 17 minutes during the practice.
  2. Change the title screen to an art nouveau panel, Mucha, explains the story better.
  3. Good description, but seems like I'm reading too much. Have key words instead.
  4. Don't forget to check the box for sound!
  5. Move the overall character description to the 3d part because she's a housewife but it doesn't seem like it.
  6. She liked the 3d render part, maybe do a side by side of the 2d and 3d character even. Good background info then.
  7. "I wanted to show a collection of the 2d visual development" say this on the slide with 2d screen shots.

Animatic Comments

  1. Make the autograph part a tad bit longer.
  2. The very end, it wasn't entirely clear. Make sure the designs are more thought out. Just draw something in there.
  3. Make the climax scene more clear. It seems too slow right now. You need to add some more context here about what's going on too. The mirror change is good, but they miss the transition to the art nouveau stained glass look. This was an entry into the abstract transition as well since it literally shows the 3d morphing. Do a a combo of this, don't have it crack then. Have her move though in stained glass maybe that would be interesting. Keep the reaching over part.
  4. Have a shift of power during this too. Move the screen back and forth since the real self is trying to take control. You need to keep this struggle that the crack had if you remove.
  5. The abstract makes you feel uncomfortable and at unease (which is what I wanted btw) so I've been advised to keep the ending abstract/graphic screen space.
  6. Add some stills after she comes out of the first flashback during her daze. Have her gently put down the glass ball, look around, seem confused. Something.

Research is good and appropriate for presentation