Thesis Daily 20

Piano-version Animatic:


  1. Timing is better in this version than the last.
  2. If I decide to make the portrait in the beginning and the portrait that she signs later the same one, make sure you do a front facing one because you wouldn't see the necklace as well then.
  3. Have her reach up to stop the metronome before grabbing the portrait and that stops the sound.
  4. Use sounds rather than music. Something to evoke feeling, atmosphere rather than melody (it's too driven). Ambience, drone, single piano notes, that noise the fridge makes, cracks/house settlings.
  5. Push the ticks, make them off beat and slow, make it feel strange. Different tempo.
  6. Right before the transition to the last flashback, this is strange. They expected the painting to be on the right-hand side. Instead of this reflection transition, you need to use the 3 panels in the window. Shuffle arounds the shots a bit again.