Thesis Daily 9

Mood board Style-frame sketching Storyboard V3 WIP Storyboard V3 WIP

Visuals for 45-hour review

  1. Character Sheet, turnaround
  2. Mood Board
  3. Storyboard
  4. Animatic
  5. Style Frames: 2D/3D


  1. The mirror in the garden is strange. Make this fit more. Are there other reflections that can be used? Why does she walk over there anyway? Maybe a sun flare. The thing with the mirror, it can be fixed in concept not necessarily for thumbnail storyboards.
  2. Change the rock idea. Make it an animal! Cat, bunny? Could this be something else leading her... the shadow? A black cat.
  3. Remove the walking bit in the beginning. Doesn't add anything. Establishing shot of just her walking already on the ground. Pick up the mirror ball, look into it.
  4. Have mirrored 2d holding jewelry box already in reflection.
  5. Have less depth in the Hollywood part of art nouveau still. Add actual garden artifacts.

What is the work load for 2D, for 3D? Asset List; Shot List