Thesis Daily 10

Storyboard V3.b WIP Storyboard V3.b WIP

Need to create my schedule, asset list, etc.

Directed Projects anim 762, might not be available
Independent study, ask committee member
Don't make the schedule too wordy

Lighting, compositing, don't be too broad; Process book itself needs included in the schedule

Research, case studies; Why are you making this? What do you want to do in animation? How does this project help achieve your goals? Replaces artist statement but still have this. THIS IS my passion, my goals are.... Get to this point, project can help me.

Proof of concept that you can do it, demo reel; Schedule

16:9 PDF
1) Presentation, helps with gaps
Assemble a rough presentation together
Throw in work that I have already
This slide is this, this is that etc.
Organize it how I think I'll present it.


  1. Alice in Wonderland vibes when the black cat was added in. Split screens reminds her of Paprika withe action of actor, slow motion depicting emotions. Look up Paprika and Millennium Actress.
  2. First flashback isn't flowing correctly. You can cheat the reflections to make sure that the screen makes sense. Continuity of screen space is more important. Flip the girl around. Change her orientation to 3/4 almost from the back completely to make the turn around less confusing.
  3. Flip the cat.
  4. Necklace still with circle, mesmerizing motion graphic example. Zoom in to the necklace? Have it on her neck already then so you can cut the entire scene of her placing it around her own neck. So art nouveau panel after placing the necklace on actually. Then have the shadow come up. Remove part of guy helping place on the necklace.
  5. Her face isn't shown until 2D which is a disconnect. Add a thumbnail 3rd in order to show 3/4 of her face in beginning before she turns.
  6. Remove the physical mirror in end mirror crack? Show the battle more abstractly. So the panelling instead of the mirror, very art nouveau. Have it slide back and forth. You can include the ornate backgrounds and all. She has 2 choice, 2 realities. Eventually officially close the 3D side. Hand pushes the 3D to the side when he offers his hand.