Thesis Daily 11

Character Concept Storyboard V4 WIP Storyboard V4 WIP

Visuals Comments

  1. Remove those flashbacks.
  2. Go back to what I had originally for the progression windows. Animate left, right, and then middle, zoom in then to show necklace on her neck.
  3. Begin your animatic. Add music and sound, ambient noise.
  4. Work on 3D representational test. Take my rig, grab a free garden rig, and try to get a visualization. Render test.
  5. Character: Work on some silhouettes, expressions, poses, for turnaround how do the curls translate?

Presentation Comments

  1. While writing artist statement, who am I? Why am I doing this? Where do I see myself in the future? Why is this project pertain to me?
  2. Bring in your concept art sooner.
  3. Move process book to the end.
  4. Move visual component statement to the thesis statement. Remove thesis abstract and just talk to this during the statement.
  5. Highlight key words in everything, even bullet point it.

Logline? Visual development; Spatial awareness for environment and where the story takes place; PreVis, Process Book; Don't read your presentation. What inspires you the most about this?