Thesis Daily 12

Storyboard V5 Storyboard V5 Character Concept v2

Things for next Monday!

  1. Presentation: plan on giving a practice presentation, so have all info filled in.
  2. Continue Animatic
  3. Character Designs
  4. Begin some rough environments for critique

Animatic Comments

  1. Have the action continue for the first flashback as she's picking up the ball.
  2. Add an action of her actually reaching over to pick the ball up.
  3. It's currently too fast. Slow it down.
  4. The transition into art nouveau is off, too sudden. So flip her and transition from the compact mirror to the spinning circle.
  5. Then she takes the flowers. Flowers end up in the same shot then for the turnaround which is no longer in the mirror.
  6. Slow down the spinning in the art nouveau panel.
  7. What is the meaning behind the circles?

Character Design Comments

  1. Fluffier hair, rounder everything, rounder breasts, hips etc. She's supposed to be sexy. Round cheeks, bigger eyes; consult the 3D rigged character.
  2. Add more expressions, surprised, negative emotions etc.