Thesis Daily 13

Character Expression Sheet

Things for Wednesday!

  1. Time out the storyboard stills! At least. Finish the animatic. Show that the transitions work.
  2. You need 3D style frames.

Animatic Comments

  1. Adjust the timing.
  2. Add design in the mirror? The transitions still don't work. You can take liberty with this, but you need to actually show how this works! Maybe make her smaller in the compact mirror to transition? Add another still? Move the circle off screen. Stuff needs to move and you need to visually show this well. No chair in the turn around might help.

Presentation Comments

  1. Add bullets for stuff, from my notes, talking points for them to follow along.
  2. Be confident, this is my project, this is what I'll be working on.
  3. Logline didn't reference art nouveau, just a note though.
  4. The mirror stage, the mirror is essentially a character in the film, you need to point this out. Even if it's quick in the abstract. Point it out. Foreshadow it. The mirror represents ___.
  5. Why art nouveau? It represents ___. I am using it because ___. It's idealized, it's romanticized, the mundane life and woman in it. This connection needs made and flatly pointed out. Say it! Themes I am exploring.
  6. Actually talk over your storyboard and pitch it! Frame by frame either by animatic without sound or afterwards. Depends if the animatic works.

Demo Reel Comments

  1. Audio is lagged.
  2. Move that cup animation to later in the demo reel. Show character performance.
  3. Add Anastasia rig.