Thesis Daily 17/18

Change of story/setting

  1. A mundane life. She needs to be jaded, but not in love. Animate like a picture book? Wolfwalkers introduces the character background well.
  2. Make the composition give a feeling of entrapment. Bird cage, lines in the walls like jail cell bars
  3. She's given up. Mundane activities->repetitive tasks. Colors? contrast, unkept house and self.
  4. Have 1 fancy thing? The jewelry box maybe in 3d space, but maybe not.
  5. She could be removing her wedding ring if you want to show that husband character still, but prob will be removed again.
  6. Mistuned piano, she doesn't play a lot. Dirt clutter in the room, a younger picture of herself rather than the couple photo.
  7. Repetitive behavior, worn out areas.
  8. IMPRISONMENT! Cage, walls, the green house is also enclosed though. Make it feel small/trapped. Greenhouse mimics nature but is enclosed. A small room
Words: Imprisonment-small-isolation-empty-darkness-indifference-limbo-carelessness-amnesia-oblivion-neglect-boid-disarry-alone-clutter-mundane-repetitive-bottles-neglect-doesn't leave-stuck-unmoving-in one place-right where you left me