MFA Candidacy Review

My presentation: Candidacy Review Presentation

Feedback from the panel

  1. The character development of the 3D girl. Need to revisit this. She's too cute, too young, too happy to be a unsatisfied person. She looks between 18-23, newlywed, well put together going for a stroll in her garden. Why would she feel at odds with herself? Look at the mother in the queen's gambit. She most days can't even dress herself she's so distraught. She's alone, her husband has left her and she has no purpose in life. You need more contrast between the two versions of the character. Make her look older as well.
  2. Location wasn't perfect. There's no connection to the past in the garden. Put her back in the house. An old hollywood home.
  3. Some elements in the story didn't make sense. The necklace just suddenly appeared for example.
  4. As it stands, you'll need help with the 3d animation since there's so much to do. I'm able to recruit for some help if necessary.